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From fundamental courses to expert level.
Tonkraftwerk is the leading Pro Tools Instructor in central Europe.

Training Facility

Our inspirational training facility is a fully equipped Studio

The Dolby Atmos facility

With both Apple and PC computers, running Avid Pro Tools Ultimate on HDX, HD Native or host based systems. We’ve got a full 7.1.4 setup for Dolby Atmos Post and Music mixing. As one of the few educational facilities world-wide you can learn Dolby Atmos here, and get a certificate to prove it! Even if you take a course online, you can still experience Dolby Atmos using Binaural processing directly over Zoom. For Post Production courses the HD workstations are frame-synced with Tri-Level Sync, AJA Video output devices with external playback. We have field recording equipment, a collection of vintage and new Synthesizers, Outboard gear, Preamplifiers, Microphones, lots and lots of great Plug-ins and Virtual Instruments for you to try out. Best of all – we know how to use everything.


A visit to Tonkraftwerk should be an experience. The fridge is always filled with refreshments, the coffee-machine is ready for action. Hang out in the Synth corner and jam with contemporary and vintage synths, there is even an 8-bit Nintendo if you just want to kick back. Did you know that you are always welcome to audit courses that you have already taken at Tonkraftwerk? If we are teaching a course that you took less than a year ago, and if there is space for you, you can sit in on the class to recapture. For free. Just call or email ahead so that we know that you are coming!



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