PT301S6 Essential Pro Tools | S6 Mixing Techniques

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One day, 8-10 hours


only 625 € (excluding VAT 20%)
Includes eBook and exam


  • This course is aimed at the Pro Tools Operator that wants to learn how to operate the Avid S6 with speed and efficiency – it also provides a great insight to the capabilities of the S6 and it’s different configurations. This course is an absolute must for anyone thinking about getting an S6, or for that already has one.
  • Learn all about setting up the S6, how to work with the Master Module and it’s Screens, Panning and Sends, Plug-ins and Inserts from the Function Editor/Attention Knobs and Process/Knob Modules.
  • Making settings that will speed up and tailor the S6 to your needs
  • As icing on the cake you will learn about Expands, Layouts and Layout Sets and Tiles – that will really elevate your workflow!
  • This, and much, much more in the PT301 S6 Course

Even though the course is an expert level course, candidates need only first have passed the Avid Certified User: Pro Tools certification exam to enrol this class.


By the end of this course you will:

  • Gain an in-depth overview of Pro Tools | S6 and technical integration/operation
  • Master basic navigation and session management techniques
  • Understand system customization and configuration
  • Work with panning, sends, inserts, and plug-ins
  • Learn expanded parameter control
  • Discover advanced session navigation through basic use of layouts
  • Be ready to sit the associated assessment exam


This course is designed for moderately skilled Control Surface users looking to transfer their skillset to optimize the configuration and efficiency of a Pro Tools | S6 control surface.


Completion of the following courses or equivalent experience:

PT101 Pro Tools Fundamentals I

PT110 Pro Tools Fundamentals II

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