PT101 Pro Tools Fundamentals I – July 8-9 2024

  • Fundamental concepts and principles
  • From setup to first final mixdown
  • Essential for further courses (PT110, PT201, …)
  • 2 days, 16-20 hours, Course time is usually 9-18 CET
  • includes eBook and exam
  • This is an online course, but you can also get the full experience by attending this course in person
Course Date

July 8-9 2024, 9-18 CET

 495,00 excl. VAT



  • Learn how to install, setup and maintain your system for stability and performance
  • Gain knowledge and confidence with the logic behind the menu system while learning more about the functions and tools
  • Takes you through the entire process of creating, importing, recording, editing, mixing and finishing a session
  • Focuses on building speed and confidence which will make you work faster which is essential to keep you focused on being creative without worrying about the application
  • This and much, much more in PT101 Pro Tools Fundamentals I

Together with the second course in the series, Pro Tools Fundamentals II (PT110), this course provides the foundation training required to prepare for the Avid Certified Pro Tools Specialist exam.

Additional information

Course Date

July 8-9 2024, 9-18 CET