Tonkraftwerk is the leading Pro Tools educator in Central Europe.

Tonkraftwerk is a Professional Avid Learning Partner. This means that our courses are fast paced, intense and aimed at professional users of Pro Tools in both Music and Post Production.
Here are some of the benefits of attending a Pro Tools Course at Tonkraftwerk
  • Speed up your workflow

You will learn how to efficiently use functions in Pro Tools that will speed up your workflow. A lot of processes can be automated and will save you lots of time when working on a project.

  • Learn Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts speed up your workflow and allows you to work more efficiently without moving the mouse pointer to menus and submenus.

  • Untap the power of your Pro Tools System

With deeper knowledge of Pro Tools and its possibilities there will be fewer obstacles between your creativity and your end results. Learning how to set up your system will allow it to work at its optimum. Maybe you don’t need that computer upgrade after all…?

  • Increase your market value

Get Pro Tools Certified and earn industry wide recognition. Avid will even promote you in the “find a certified professional” section of their website.

  • Get creative!

Knowing Pro Tools better will make you think less about how to work the Program and keep you focused on whats important – creativity and your audio or music.

  • Networking

When attending a course you generally meet other people in your business taking the same course as you. We often see new friendships, creative partnerships and exciting constellations forming during our courses.

  • Get inspired

Taking a course is really inspiring! Meet new people, work with exciting material, learn new creative workflows and functions. A lot of times discussions in the classroom will be about inspiration and workflows.

  • Come to us or we can come to you

You can attend courses at our training facility or we can come to your studio to train you in your own studio. We can tailor fit a course to suit your needs and equipment.

  • Pro Tools is so much more than just a piece of software

In the courses you will learn about using Pro Tools software. You may have an audio interface, midi synths, preamps, effects, video decks, sync devices and other equipment connected to Pro Tools. In the product family there is a whole range of Hardware – mBoxes, Preamps, Pro Tools HD Native, HDX, Sync HD, hardware controllers such as the Avid Artist range, Avid S3, Avid S6. Learn how to connect them and use them with Pro Tools.

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